Our Story

Effort, energy, and attention to detail is what’s in our food.  I grew up working in ‘the restaurant’, from the time I was 8 to 18.  My last days there were in 1991. About 10 years ago I got interested in recreating the flavors of Mexico Lindo simply because it tastes good and nobody’s doing it.  And while I didn’t have any recipes, I did remember how particular my family was about every part of the process.

We make almost everything from scratch; but I did make some adjustments to the menu to be more humane to animals (we use pork from pigs raised without antibiotics which means they grow more slowly and are more expensive, but they get to live longer and do more pig stuff), and minimize the amount of animal fat consumed by our customers (we prefer to use peanut oil)—we use bacon fat in our tortillas (sorry, but there’s just no good substitute for it).

Try our food.  We only have a few things on the menu because we’d rather do a few things well than many things less so.